Growing up in Austin, Texas, I was always active, but never truly an athlete. Although I participated in sports, I was always just a little too short, or a little too uncoordinated, or not quite committed enough to compete at a high level.

College came and went with the pizza, the beer and the microwave meals. I ate anything that was cheap and easy and usually contained way too much cheese. I do love cheese.

After graduation, I settled into a stable, corporate job in marketing and sat on my butt all day long. Suddenly, I realized 20 pounds had crept on. I was tired all the time, unmotivated and just felt gross.

Enter my first experience at the gym with a personal trainer. He was knowledgable, he made workouts fun, and the pounds just flew off. I felt so amazing! It was such sense of accomplishment, I had more energy, I was strong, and I quickly realized what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I had to help others feel this great.

So it was off to Graduate School in Washington, D.C. to pursue my Master’s in Health Promotion as well as obtain my Personal Trainer Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

With degree and certification in hand, I ran corporate wellness programs, trained in a gym, trained people in their homes, and built the fitness business I had always wanted.

But life has a tendency to throw curveballs. It’s usually for the best, but it’s a curveball nonetheless. My husband and I got pregnant. I had a rough pregnancy and an even worse delivery. Luckily, I gave birth to a perfectly healthy, delightful, little girl named Flynn. But the pregnancy and delivery had done a number on my health.

I was basically inactive for a year. Yep, that’s right. The personal trainer didn’t work out for a year. This time, 40 pounds had crept on. As I returned slowly to a fitness routine, I realized that everything I had done in the past to lose weight was no longer working.

The pounds weren’t flying off like before and the struggle was real. I was no longer in my twenties and I had never changed my atrocious eating habits. My metabolism had slowed to a crawl and I was addicted to sugar, salt and refined carbohydrates.

That’s when I decided to give clean eating a try. After two weeks, a lot of cravings, a few tears, and a complete overhaul of my kitchen, I started to feel like a new person. I focused on short, tough workouts since I no longer had time to get to the gym for an hour. Turns out babies tend to be time-consuming :).

After a month, I noticed a massive shift in how I felt and how I looked. I felt stronger, healthier, more toned, more energetic and all around happier than I ever had. After a few months, I lost all the baby weight I had gained and then some.

I continued to work with my clients and incorporated my new techniques into their programs. The result? Huge leaps and bounds in their own progress.

There was just one more hitch. As I said before, babies are time-consuming. I knew I wanted to spend less time driving to clients and more time with my kiddo. I also knew I didn’t want to stop working. I truly love what I do and I adore my clients.

I also thought about what would be most beneficial to my busy, working clients. Who wants to spend all that time driving back and forth to the gym when you can stay at home and get in amazing shape in half the time?

So I developed an Online Fitness/Yoga Program as well as an Online Boot Camp Program that anyone can do wherever they are. It has not only been an amazing experience for me, but my clients love it! They are finding more time to do what they enjoy and they are still in the best shape of their lives! Win-win.

Changing lives in my absolute passion. I’ve worked for eight years to find the most effective, most efficient ways to help people reach their goals. I love sharing what I’ve learned and giving my clients a clear path to a healthy lifestyle they can maintain for the rest of their lives.

Losing weight and gaining strength is just the beginning. I believe that transforming your health is a gateway to transforming all aspects of your life. You are suddenly able to do achieve more than you even dreamed you could.

I am committed to delivering extraordinary results for those I work with. Life changing results is what I help my clients achieve - anything short of that is unacceptable. I take this commitment very seriously and expect a serious commitment from those I work with. You must be ready to change! Are you ready? Then let’s do this!!