Strength and Nutrition Boot Camps - 21 Days to a Better YOU!

What is an Online Boot Camp?

- Almost every month, Renew Fitness holds 21 day Online Challenges. We target a specific goal for each Challenge. One month could be abs, one month could be nutrition, etc. I will be your personal coach and trainer for the entire 3 weeks. I am there to support you, encourage you, advise you, and push you. Most importantly, this group will hold you accountable to achieving the goals you set for yourself. You can do it. We can help.

- Our challenges fit into YOUR schedule. You won't have to set up a time to meet with a trainer, take more than 5 minutes out of your day to do check-ins, or even interrupt your daily routine. Our steps can easily be incorporated into your everyday practices, which will enhance your day rather than halting it.

- Boot camps are run through a private Facebook group. This group is where you’ll check-in with your stats, as well as a place to find community and discussion with others who are taking the Challenge. This is also where you will find all the information you'll need, such as a Participant Guide, Meal Plans, and Workout Videos.

- Each morning you will receive a workout or recipe along with your DAILY homework assignment. This will change every day.

- Each evening, you will check-in with:

·         How much water you drank that day.

·         Your nutrition on a scale from 1-10. (The rating system will be explained to you before your Challenge.)

·         Whether or not you got at least 30 minutes of movement in.

·         A DAILY question. This will be different each day but will pertain to goals or personal development.

I'll comment on your check-ins every night or the next morning with support or suggestions. Feel free to ask any questions along the way!

- Each Challenge includes a shopping list, recipes, 6-9 workouts, and PLENTY of coaching, advice, and support along the way. 

- The overall emphasis of these Challenges is to kick start MASSIVE CHANGE in your life. We focus on cleaning up our diets and eating whole, unprocessed foods for 21 days.  No calorie counting or measuring out food. Just really "clean" and mostly plant-based, healthy eating. We also focus on making movement a habit. My short, but effective, 20-30 minute workouts will help you get in and get on with your life every day.

 I hope you'll consider joining us! Please feel free to contact with any questions.


Upcoming 2016 Boot Camps:

  • May 9-29 - Flat Belly Challenge

  • June 13-July 3 - Total Body Blaster

  • August 1-21 - Clean Eating Challenge

  • September 5-25 - Upper Body Bootcamp

  • October 10-31 - Fall into Fitness

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