It's been a while since I've posted and much has happened. I managed to get pregnant and gave birth to my second child, a son, in September of this year. So exciting! The whirlwind has kept me busy, but now I'm back in the game and ready to stay motivated. Motivated to stick to my fitness goals, my personal goals and my business goals. There will always be an excuse, a life event, something that could derail my plans. As we near closer and closer to 2016, I need to stay motivated to acheiving those goals. 

So I've decided to start each Monday with motivational tips. They have kept me on track before and I use them with my clients. So I'm sharing them with you.


There WILL be days that I just can't muster up the energy or the motivation to do something that needs to be done. In the past, I would really let that get me down. I would keep putting something off, then get mad at myself, then get depressed, then be so depressed that I REALLY couldn't bring myself to do whatever it is I had put off in the first place. Does this sound familiar? You are not alone. 

Now I try to remind myself that just because I fail once or twice does not mean that I can't try again tomorrow. I work on not getting down on myself. It's said all the time, but every day really IS a new day. 

Give yourself permission to slack off one day. Or two days. Then get back to it. Take a deep breath and start again.