10 WAYS TO EAT LIKE A BRAZILIAN (and you should)

To try to combat the rising rates of obesity and chronic disease in their country, the Brazilian Ministry of Health released a new set of dietary guidelines.

Unlike the nutrient-based U.S. guidelines, Brazil is focusing on SENSIBLE eating! It's genius. I recommend all of these guidelines to my clients. Here they are. Can you eat like this?

1. Make natural or minimally processed foods the basis of your diet.
2. Use oils, fats, sugar and salt in small amounts
3. Limit consumption of processed foods (canned vegetables, fruit in syrup, cheeses and breads)
4. Avoid ultra-processed foods (packaged snacks, soft drinks, "instant" meals, etc)
5. Eat regular meals and pay attention while eating. Eat in company whenever possible
6. Shop in places that offer varieties of fresh foods
7. Develop, exercise and SHARE cooking skills
8. Plan your time to make food and eating important in your life
9. Choose restaurants that serve fresh food. Avoid fast-food chains
10. Be wary of food advertising and marketing

Look it up! The entire 152 Page document can be found HERE.