A man bumps into a woman as he sits down and she apologizes. Another woman interrupts her male colleague, apologizes, and asks if she "can ask a stupid question." A woman hands off her baby to her husband at the end of a work day (for both of them) and says she is sorry.

Why are we always sorry?? What's that about?!

The second half of the commercial offers some alternatives.

“I have a question,” says the woman to her colleague. “Why don’t we go back to the original thing we did?” The man who bumps into the woman is changed to the woman leaving her arm on the armrest and not budging for the man.

All of the other scenes are switched up to "I'm sorry, I'm not sorry." This is where Pantene loses me a little bit, but I get the point. I mean, aren't the women still apologizing? ANYWAY, I still think the Shine Campaign is sending a great message.

How many times during the day do you apologize without even thinking about it? I challenged myself today to go a whole day without saying I was sorry. And I COULDN'T do it. That was an eye-opener. So now I'm challenging myself to a week of no apologies. Unless, of course, I run over someone's cat or something.