As I sit down to start writing I keep asking the question...why am I even doing this? What is the point of this blog? Who needs another chick blog? So first let me be clear with myself so I can be honest with my readers.

I want women to be inspired. Now that I have a baby girl I am really paying attention to how women speak to each other and to themselves. It's not great. I teach a mommy-baby class three times a week and some of the phrases I hear (and sometimes say) are horrible. "I'm so fat," "I'm in terrible shape," "My legs suck," "I can't do this," etc. No one (including myself) thanks their bodies for getting them to class and sticking through an entire hour. Yes, working out can be torture. But don't you always feel so great afterwards!? Thank your strong legs for getting you through that squat workout. If you are moving, you are constantly improving.

I want women to realize how powerful they are. It's unbelievable how much women do on an average day. Just ridiculous. Every women has a different day and every day is filled with it's own challenges. And we just get up and do it again. The majority of us apologize throughout the day without even realizing it. Stop apologizing and assert yourself as the formidable force you are. Do what you want and don't feel bad about it.

I want women to be role models. Even if you don't have kids, you have the ability to inspire someone. Live your life so that someone aspires to be like you. Little girls are watching you all the time, whether they are your daughters or someone else's. Be strong for them. Be healthy for them. Be powerful for them.

My intention is that each post will move someone to action. Whether that action is to get up and do a workout, make a yummy meal, get motivated to start your own business, travel to a distant land or just spend some quality time with the kids and S.O., I want to create inspiration and motivation. Go. Do.