Virtual Training. Real Results.

Because we believe in the all-around transformative power of good food and good exercise, we set our sights on holistic improvements in the way our clients look and feel.


Physical Results

Most of our clients come to us because they want to lose weight, build muscle tone, and look great. We’re happy to say our clients are happy with the improvements they’ve seen after our 6-week program. But the physical results don’t stop there: We also see clients improve their posture, relieve pain, and build strength and energy to stay active and healthy long after the program is done.

Emotional Results

Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment that comes from having achieved a goal—in fact, we find it’s one of the strongest motivators to keep up the good work! Our clients also tell us they have less stress and more overall energy than when they started our program.

Client Testimonials

"I didn't anticipate how connected I would feel (because it was remote) and how much more fit and healthy I would get in 6 weeks! I felt like Katie was really "there”—in other words, not remote at all. I loved that I could be at home and get a whole workout in in an hour, instead of traveling to the gym and back—or trying to do it on my own. The motivation, connection, encouragement, information—all incredible.

I love the videos and having them is such a great part of the program because now I can use them to work out every week.  Physically, I feel completely different—stronger, thinner, healthier, excited to exercise and be physical.  Emotionally I feel so much less overwhelmed by life, more balanced, happier, more resilient. It was especially noticeable given how stressed and fried I was when I started—I was really tired all the time and lacked any motivation. I know having Katie guide me and cheer me on made ALL the difference!  And the workouts were perfect for me and the food was HUGE."

 Alice P., Richmond, VT

"I don't know how to fully express what a wonderful trainer Katie is. She has continually taken us to new and higher levels in our program. I have and would highly recommend to anyone I meet that hiring a personal trainer is absolutely key in building a fitness program and weight loss.

This experience has literally changed our lives forever. We went from two people who virtually detested exercise to not only understanding the importance of personal fitness but actually craving exercise!! We are now doing things that were otherwise not possible in our lives. Enjoying simple things like walking 18 holes of a golf course to watch our son in his tournaments to handling stressful situations that life hands you on a daily basis with a more positive attitude and ease that would otherwise take us down!!

This has spilled over to our entire family. Through our example and results our children and extended family have seen the positive impact that a healthy lifestyle has on an individual and the entire family!!! All of our health and fitness goals were met and beyond!! Because of this experience, we will continue our health and fitness program for life!"

Kelli and Rob, Colorado Springs, CO

"Katie greets each workout with enthusiasm and innovation.  She is willing to adjust the workout depending on my pain allowing for a good workout each time.  Her bright and glowing personality is contagious.  Thank you Katie."

Sandi K. Denver, CO

Katie and I have been working out in my home for almost 3 years.  Because of my busy work schedule, I see her bright and early so I’m able to train before I start my day.  She is always positive, full of energy and although I have limited space, she is creative with our workouts.  Because of several injuries from volleyball and a car accident, Katie also adjusts my workouts to ensure we are strengthening the areas I am weak without risking further injury.  I appreciate her focus on the “core” and incorporation of yoga to add variety to the training.  This tiny dynamo is able to motivate a middle aged, injured and sometimes crabby 1st thing in the morning woman into someone who enjoys her workout.  She is funny, kind and just the right amount of sassy to keep my workouts challenging, but fun!

Cate C. Arvada, CO

“I signed up for the full 24 session program with Katie Lewis.  Although I had taken plenty of exercise classes through the years, I had never worked with a  personal trainer.  I found Katie to be an excellent coach and trainer.  She is very knowledgeable and dedicated to her craft.  Katie treats her clients with a firm yet supportive approach and always keeps the sessions lively, challenging and rewarding.  Katie possesses a cheerful demeanor and a great aptitude to listen and interpret her client’s needs and abilities.  I learned much from my experience with Katie and was amazed at the results achieved through our joined efforts.  I would not hesitate to refer Katie to anyone who desires a results oriented personalized training program.”

Charlotte R.  Castle Rock, CO

"I love Katie and her energy.  She is very encouraging and kept me motivated.  Loved the variety of training that we did and seeing results was so much fun.  Katie truly wants you to achieve your goals and does measurements quite often to make sure that is happening.  LOVE HER!!!!"
Sherri R. Monument, CO


"Because of Katie's extensive knowledge of physiology and training techniques, she's able to craft workouts that are always new and challenging in different ways. There's never a dull moment."

Steve Cole, Denver, CO